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Splingo's Language Universe

An exceptionally high-quality, interactive
game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children
learn listening and language skills. More...

Receptive Language
Assessment with Splingo

Using high-quality, engaging images and animations the Receptive Language
Assessment tests language comprehension
of a variety of word types, at four
different levels of complexity. More...

Pronouns with Splingo

Using fun animated scenes and a motivating
reward game, Pronouns with Splingo will
help teach the understanding and expressive
use of a wide range of pronouns.

Actions with Splingo

Using highly entertaining and detailed animations, Actions with Splingo teaches verbs, or action words, which are important building blocks for sentences.. More...

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Categories with Splingo

An exciting and engaging app to target
vocabulary development by sorting everyday
items into categories, with a crazy
catapult reward game!